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  • Our e-liquids are specially formulated to boost flavour and sweetness whilst also extending coil life.
  • Our vape devices are designed in a way that make them easy to use and robust enough to handle daily life.
  • Save a fortune over using disposables vapes when you switch to QSalts & QOne.


QLabs products are stocked in vape shops nationwide, if you'd prefer to buy online or you're a retailer looking for wholesalers, check out the links below.


Grab QLabs products directly from ourselves via our online store. Wholesale customers can get in touch with us directly to discuss stocking options.

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Vape Supplier are amongst the biggest wholesalers and retailers of vaping items in the UK.



JMWholesale are amongst the biggest wholesalers and retailers of vaping items in the UK.



With a large online presence and 30+ stores nationwide, VapeHQ is a great place to stock up on QLabs products.

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Who Are QLabs? What Do We Do?

We manufacture vaping products, specifically e-liquids and devices. We believe we're unique in that we have done extensive research into what makes a good e-liquid and how our devices perform with the e-liquid that we produce.

  • QOne & QSalts designed in tandem to work perfectly together.
  • QSalts developed with unique blend to extend coil life.
  • QSalts available in 5mg as well as 10mg & 20mg.
  • Flavours tested by a panel of experts.
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QSalts Flavours

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QLabs Products

Discover the world of QLabs and get to know why we produce some of the heighest quality products on the market today.

QOne Pod Kit

Unreal Flavour With The QOne Vape Pod Kit

Introducing the QOne, our new state-of-the-art rechargeable device designed for the ultimate vaping experience. Get 3500 puffs per 10ML bottle of E-Liquid! Developed to work perfectly with QSalts E-Liquid.

  • Designed to be much less wasteful than disposables.
  • Convenient and user-friendly, with an auto draw and manual draw functionality.
  • Utilising mesh coils, the flavour produced by the QOne is unbeatable.
  • 3-mode adjustable airflow & fast charging.

QSalts 10ML Nicotine Salts

Have you ever dreamed of taking that amazingly intense tasting e-liquid from a disposable and put it into your own device? Now you can! Introducing QSalts, straight from a disposable into a bottle.



Incredible Flavour

The intense sweet flavours found in disposables are now available in 10ML bottles with 3500 puffs!

Kind To Coils & Pods

Developed using a secret blend designed to keep the sweetness whilst making coils & pods last longer.

Multi Buy Deals

Dive in to a world of unreal flavour and enjoy QSalts multi-buy deals from various online & high street retailers.

Wide Range Of Strengths

Sometimes 20mg and 10mg is a little too much, that's why QSalts are also available in 5mg strength.

Developed Alongside QOne

QSalts has been specially designed to work flawlessly with the QOne and provide serious flavour & satisfaction.

Fully TPD Compliant

No corners cut, QSalts are fully compliant with UK & European TPD law.

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With the quality of our products and our full support behind you, you'll wish you stocked QLabs sooner!

QSalts User

M Martin
QSalts Customer

"Only problem is that i only ordered one… will be having this as my permanent vape as its great sweet flavour without being sickly like some can be."

QOne Pod Kit

Quality That Stands Up To Life.

It's important to us that the QOne can stand up to the wear and tear of daily life. Dropped it down the stairs? No problem. The QOne has been designed to withstand most of what life can throw at it.

Under strict test conditions, we've hit a QOne with a golf club and even ran over it in a car, it still worked fine afterwards (obviously, we don't recommend doing this yourself).

With a 6 month extended warranty, we stand by the the quality of the QOne.


Try QSalts & QOne Today

The QOne & QSalts is truly a perfect match in the world of vaping. Designed together to give ultimate flavour & satisfaction, this amazing duo is all you need to keep those nicotine cravings at bay.

  • QOne Is Less Wasteful Than Disposables.
  • QOne Has Far Better Flavour Than Disposables.
  • QSalts Are More Intense Than Nicotine Salts In Disposables.
  • Save A Fortune By Switching From Disposables Today.
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